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The emphasis upon publications as a means of diffusing knowledge was expressed by the first Secretary of the Smithsonian Institution. In his formal plan for the Insti- tution, Joseph Henry articulated a program that included the following statement: “Tt is proposed to publish a series of reports, giving an account of the new discoveries in science, and of the changes made from year to year in all branches of knowledge.” This keynote of basic research has been adhered to over the years in the issuance of thousands of titles in serial publications under the Smithsonian imprint, com- mencing with Smithsonian Contributions to Knowledge in 1848 and continuing with the following active series: Smithsonian Annals of Flight Smithsonian Contributions to Anthropology Smithsonian Contributions to Astrophysics Smithsonian Contributions to Botany Smithsonian Contributions to the Earth Sciences Smithsonian Contributions to Paleobiology Smithsonian Contributions to Zoology Smithsonian Studies in History and Technology

In these series, the Institution publishes original articles and monographs dealing with the research and collections of its several museums and offices and of professional colleagues at other institutions of learning. These papers report newly acquired facts, synoptic interpretations of data, or original theory in specialized fields. These pub- lications are distributed by mailing lists to libraries, laboratories, and other interested

institutions and specialists throughout the world. Individual copies may be obtained from the Smithsonian Institution Press as long as stocks are available.

S. Dmton RIPLEY Secretary Smithsonian Institution


Permian Brachiopods of West Texas, III


G. Arthur Cooper and Richard E. Grant

isSUED DEG 99 185


JAN 15 arb



Cooper, G. Arthur, and Richard E, Grant. Permian Brachiopods of West Texas, III. Smithsonian Contributions to Paleobiology, number 19 (part 1: text; part 2: plates), pages 795-1921, plates 192-502, 1975.—The third of a six-part mono- graph on the Permian brachiopods of the Glass, Guadalupe and other mountain ranges of West Texas, this volume contains systematic descriptions of genera and species in the suborders Productidina and Chonetidina. The Productidina, which constitute about 45 percent of the brachiopod specimens in the collections from West Texas, are divided into the superfamilies Strophalosiacea, Aulostegacea, Richthofeniacea, and Productacea. The Chonetidina, less numerous, contain the single superfamily Chonetacea.

Permian Brachiopods of West Texas, I. Smithsonian Contributions to Paleobiology, number 14, 231 pages, 39 figures, 23 plates. Issued 29 December 1972.

Permian Brachiopods of West Texas, II. Smithsonian Contributions to Paleobiology, number 15, pages 233-793, figure 40, plates 24-191. Issued 16 April 1974.

OFFICIAL PUBLICATION DATE is handstamped in a limited number of initial copies and is re- corded in the Institution’s annual report, Smithsonian Year. SI Press NUMBER 4808. SERIES COVER DESIGN: The trilobite Phacops rana Green.

Library of Congress Cataloging in Publication Data

Cooper, Gustav Arthur, .1902-

Permian brachiopods of West Texas.

Smithsonian contributions to paleobiology, no. 14-15, 19) upt. of Docs: SI 1.30: 19

Includes bibliographies.

1, Brachiopods, Fossils. 2. Paleontology—Permian. 3. Paleontology—Texas. I. Grant, Richard E., joint author. II, Title. III. Series: Smithsonian Institution. Smithsonian contributions to paleobiology, no. 14 [etc.]

QE701.856 no. 14, etc. [QE796] 560’.8s [564’.8'097649] 72-4218

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Order Strophomenida Suborder Productidina

Superfamily Strophalosiacea ..

Family Strophalosiidae


Subfamily Strophalosiinae ..

Genus Strophalosia Genus Heteralosia Subfamily Ctenalosiinae . Genus Ctenalosia Family Teguliferinidae Genus Teguliferina Genus Acritosia Superfamily Aulostegacea_ .. Family Cooperinidae Genus Cooperina Genus Atelestegastus . Family Aulostegidae Subfamily Echinosteginae Genus Limbella Genus Edriosteges Genus Echinosteges .. Genus Cactosteges . Genus Xenosteges Subfamily Chonosteginae Genus Chonosteges .. Subfamily Institellinae .. Genus Institella Genus Glyptosteges .. Genus Craspedona Family Spyridiophoridae .. Genus Spyridiophora Family Agelesiidae Genus Agelesia ... .. Family Scapharinidae Genus Scapharina Family Rhamnariidae Genus Spuriosa Genus Ramavectus Genus Rhamnaria Family Tschernyschewiidae Genus Tschernyschewia Family Scacchinellidae Genus Scacchinella Superfamily Richthofeniacea Family Hercosiidae Genus Hercosia Genus Hercosestria Family Cyclacanthariidae .. Genus Cyclacantharia Genus Taphrosestria Genus Sestropoma Genus Collumatus Family Richthofeniidae ..


Genus Richthofenia Subfamily Prorichthofeniinae Superfamily Productacea Family Overtoniidae . Subfamily Overtoniinae .... Genus Fimbrinia Genus Simplicarina Genus Rhytisia Family Marginiferidae .. Subfamily Marginiferinae Genus Kozlowskia Genus Hystriculina .... .. Subfamily Costispiniferinae Genus Bothrionia Genus Costispinifera Genus Elliottella Genus Echinauris

Genus Oncosarina .........

Subfamily Retariinae Genus Kutorginella Genus Thamnosia

Family Echinoconchidae

Subfamily Echinoconchinae ....

Genus Echinaria .. ............

Genus Calliprotonia Genus Bathymyonia Subfamily Waagenoconchinae Genus Waagenoconcha Family Buxtoniidae .......... Subfamily Buxtoniinae Genus Kochiproductus .. Genus Ametoria .... Subfamily Juresaniinae Genus Juresania .. fae Family Dictyoclostidae .. ... Subfamily Dictyoclostinae .. Genus Spinarella Genus Xestosia yo os. Genus Nudauris Genus Dasysaria Genus Rugatia ........ Genus Spinifrons ..... ... Genus Reticulatia Genus Antiquatonia Genus Peniculauris Subfamily Horridoniinae .. Genus Horridonia Family Paucispiniferidae Genus Anemonaria Genus Liosotella Genus Paucispinifera Genus Polymorpharia Family Linoproductidae Subfamily Linoproductinae Genus Genus Cancrinella Genus Liraria Genus Undellaria Genus Grandaurispina Genus Holotricharina Genus Yakovlevia

Linoproductus ....,



Genus Siphonosia sce - os Sas iva vues have Pe che hoe Subfamily Anidanthinae .................... Fs pate viD Leach ies 2 a ecied Genus Mera sa Ord 5 Pin da alen ite ae ae el obiee day ee dla: Sublamily “Siviatiferinae .. meas. yas here oh Me cs atk he det re Genus JStriatiferd® 2 a hhee heb eesti yt Baia habs Re ete s thle ghee: Genus Compressoproductus —............ eS Bete Sg here itd QUE ere ase Uncertain and Misidentified Productacea .. 200 1 w. eee cece eee ees Suborder “Ghionetidina: qx ries y ate ale seih ed agey epee Dein Or AES eh chatted ye seta Superfamily Chonetacea ..... .... ........5. Bal eoetiregp rote styl al RO REALL pita ae Family Rugosochonetidae .. ...........0 ..... reba Ceres peepee Eee tee le Subfamily Rugosochonetinae .. .. ......... a xt Honah ia sy Genis: Siuleatayin 8 i Aw. Seehvconts boys D1 yard acest LM a ALR a Genus Neochonetes ..._....... Pht bee Bags Peete OM Lm ERE an baie Genus Dyoros (Dyoros) oi visite gen See ean aided als Genus Dyoros (Lissosia) .. ... sk AMR ES ba eet Bie at sa tecny Genus Dyoros (Tetragonetes) ..... ...... $e a st, Genus Lissochonetes ...............4.. Pf As) Peet: & bey og! Genus. Dewrosine: oso. fd edn amu ee BA ee een BOE Gerig MesoloGus Vu 2. 05 ee yee nls ely aeiating 7 @ LEY ostinnse Pie Feud Mess yp. Ye GOnUs “Griadrog none tess. 363 a6 lve ied Bere 5 AEE Rho ee SES ape hier iit 008 Subfamily Lamellosiinae Pe EE ere BR I a op seca! f Hube Mie 2 obs A Bs fe Genus Lamellosia .. 1.0.2... eee kit eS outaeeg ale, Sestak Subfamily “Chohetinellitiag tcc a ig tics nes shy the als te a oo sarenb 8 a da SONS GLOMETIMEL A ye tA Sh ee ito cs on Mite erat glee B etpde sty ek Rak Genus -Chonetinstes ee bel babies ging - dent Bl phn a as Subfamily Undulellinae ............. OT ee ae ere Penh eee | a Genus Undulella .....0 0 ......0 0 ween eae Se cd ee, tt etch one Genus Micraphelia __.................. oft) See Free See a Bo Subfamily Plicochonetinae ........... Genus Ftugaria on. eked hea petite able sie leltchty atalfiase Le thee te whe Literature iGited> ey) gO dh eh cntute ear gee tomes so. e ety See pet


192. Heteralosia, Ctenalosia, and Liosotella .....0 1.2.00 1. oe cc cee AOS: SEERETALOSED™ 938 ha. Ns ripen GAG eae Peta oe ideo ub es Vo wk ate ed eat 194, epuriosa- anu tileteralasial. 25 19 oa gh st tS nce cette aw oys bt ce aat oe Sree mas 195. Heteralosia ..... Meee tees lan Al yan siete nd Pau hy eye eas el release st tah ap ene 196. Heteralosia ..... rena a wey eed OR een pe bois Tinsel bee ees 197. Ctenalosia .. .. SS To AD EEN, NASR Fae cat ff An uate riots rte tig relay, beats RUSS ClenalOsta;* chen ig leet || BAR A ies, bq Sve) on eg Cea Ay at et pret enti TOO. AETHOSES NEG Keine ale wth, Ly N ea Ee 29 46op bdahe nee, Moa rinks Ts plslngre Fe ne are

200. Acritosia and Richthofenia ..... ........... os aii ie ey ae Perere: 201. Acritosia ......... Rv, Fa ee ore Te ee, CTA AMO RSs ema REG 202. Acritosia ......... BF a Beige! shea etait Shale ythns deete atte garage Chis Sethi, Rohe ed ete 205... Acritosia. and. Teégultferina: 20200 5 ty. taet ees Pee hk get hes Bas meat 204. Teguliferina TAT Ee PR AS Aa tA inh ae en cn Wy ae ne Ain Pe 205. Teguliferina SSE bt on Mahe te era Stale ott thing uhontarae inet ah ely aes 206. Teguliferina tye = epitome: ta alenglcg Bop gig pale te tS Witarlle oe aubs Gb spate Lule ein 207. Teguliferina iz po ioe a oa eR Sag et AD aye Tet Ree toll EA asa eee gly

208. Paucispinifera, Liosotella, Cooperina, Glyptosteges, and Horridonia .......

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502. Quadrochonetes, Undulella, Dyoros (Lissosia), Dyoros (Dyoros), and Chonetinetes .. 1920

Permian Brachiopods of West Texas, III

G. Arthur Cooper and Richard E. Grant

Order STROPHOMENIDA Opik, 1934 Suborder PRODUCTIDINA Waagen, 1883

Superfamily STROPHALOSIACEA Schuchert, 1913

Family STROPHALOSIIDAE Schuchert, 1913

Primitive Strophalosiacea with hinge teeth in the pedicle valve and sockets in the brachial valve. Pedicle valve having an interarea; delthyrium closed by a flat or convex pseudodeltidium. Noto- thyrium, if present, covered by a chilidium. Pedicle valve anchored by rhizoid spines and umbonal ce- mentation. Cardinal process initially bilobed but becoming trilobed to bulbous with age.

Subfamily STROPHALOSIINAE Schuchert, 1913

Strophalosiidae having a smooth dorsal valve, without spines.

Genera in West Texas: Strophalosia W. King (1844) is extremely rare in West Texas, only four specimens having been found; Heteralosia is a genus common in West Texas in the Permian and Pennsylvanian.

Muir-Wood and Cooper (1960) erroneously de- scribed the subfamily Strophalosiinae as having a spiny dorsal valve. They then created the Hetera-

G. Arthur Cooper and Richard E. Grant, Department of Paleobiology, National Museum of Natural History, Smith- sonian Institution, Washington, D.C, 20560.


losiinae for genera of strophalosiids having a dorsal valve without spines. Brunton (1966) studied the type specimens of Strophalosia gerardi W. King, type-species of the genus, and was unable to find any trace of spines on its dorsal valve. He therefore recommended the elimination of the Heteralosiinae. Heteralosia proves to be different generically from Strophalosia but belongs in the same family.

Genus Strophalosia W. King, 1844

Strophalosia inexpectans, new species

PLATE 269: FIGURES 13-30

Medium size, but large for genus, wider than long, subquadrate in outline; concavo-convex; sides mod- erately rounded, greatest width at midvalve; hinge narrower than midwidth, straight, with short in- terarea. Anterior margin rounded to somewhat truncated medially. Rhizoid spines short and deli- cate, concentrated on ears, umbonal, and postero- lateral slopes; ornament spines numerous, delicate, recumbent, covering entire surface.

Pedicle valve fairly evenly and moderately con- vex in lateral profile; anterior profile broadly con- vex, moderately steep lateral slopes. Umbonal region swollen moderately but extended slightly posterior to posterior margin. Median region greatly swollen, long anterior slope moderately swollen but not steep. Interarea orthocline. Del- thyrium small and narrow and covered by a slightly convex pseudodeltidium. Ears poorly developed, obtuse. Cicatrix of attachment small.


Brachial valve not well known, moderately concave; deepest posteromedially; posterolateral regions flattened; interarea short, hypercline. Or- nament spines thin and delicate.

Pedicle valve interior with small, delicate teeth very closely spaced. Adductor scars large and rounded; diductor scars flabellate and surrounding adductors.

Brachial valve interior with long narrow cardinal process extending nearly perpendicular to posterior margin. Sockets deep. Adductor scars elongate; me- dian ridge low, rounded, extending to base of car- dinal process and to about midvalve in anterior direction.



ial sur-

valve _ face mid- _ hinge length length length width width height

AMNH 512 151229a 26.9 23.0 33.0 30.0 20.0 10.6 151229b 23.6 20.5 28.0 30.4 22.0 9.5 (holotype) 151229c 23.4 19.4 27.0 27.3 20.8 8.0

STRATIGRAPHIC OCCURRENCE.—Cherry Canyon Formation (Getaway Member).

Locatity.—AMNH 512 (= USNM 728).

Diacnosis.—Large Strophalosia with numerous fine recumbent hairlike spines on the brachial valve and short rhizoid spines on the ears.

Types.—Holotype: USNM_ 151229b. Figured paratypes: USNM 151229a, c, d. Measured para- types: USNM 151229a, c.

Comparison.—No_ other strophalosiid of this type is now known from North American Permian rocks. The genus Strophalosia, sensu stricto, ap- pears hitherto to have been restricted to the Perm- ian of Asia and Australia. Some species have been described from the latter place and the type of the genus is from the Himalayas but it is poorly known. Species from Australia usually assigned to Stropha- losia have a spinose brachial valve, a feature shared with S. inexpectans.

Strophalosia inexpectans cannot be compared favorably with any of the Australian species which are much larger and more robust, usually with stronger spines and with details of the interior different from those of the Guadalupe Mountains